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Engagement Ecosystems


SR UX Designer

2015 - Present

Paradise Bay, Rise of Tyrants



Engagement Ecosystems Talk @ Kingfomarket 2017

While at King, I facilitated a talk on Engagement Ecosystems at Kingfomarket, King's annual company wide conference.  The group consisted of fellow Designers and Game Developers at King.  

The talk consisted of a 30 minute lecture where I provided background into the changing landscape of the Gaming Industry and the new context of use around players and their expectations around games.  The audience was given a brief overview of important shifts in the game industry and examples of games with robust game ecosystems and shown some tools in how we cognitively map user journeys through different types of content.  Using an experience matrix we could also show gaps in player engagement which could be a creative starting point where designers could begin ideation on generating new experiences. After the lecture, students were broken into several groups by organizers and were asked to apply mapping and matrices to games that they enjoyed.  From here they would pitch an experience that would help improve that game's engagement ecosystem and received critique from myself and another User Researcher at ArenaNet. 

Engagement Ecosystems Slides